King Rhino boasted of his immense size and strength, declaring that there could be no animal in all the world to best him. To prove his point, he created the first Sumo Smackdown, a tournament for the biggest and strongest animals.

Can you rise up the ranks, ring out your opponents, and best King Rhino himself?

A sumo match has 3 actions. You can slap, grapple, and block.
Slaps beat grapples.
Grapples beat blocks.
Blocks beat slaps.


ActionKey BoardGame Pad
MoveWASD Left thumb stick
SlapFX button
GrappleGY button
Hold to blockSpacebarB button

Art: @khatiti(she/they)
Audio: @Poltergeisha (
Code: @Lili(she/her) and @Thrif_Ash (
Game Design: @Lili(she/her)
Narrative Design/Writing: @Billie(she/her) (

Tools & Assets:

DOTween (  

StateKit (


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Hey, great fun take on the topic! Love the setting and athmosphere and the music is on point!